Dan's Game

Happy Hitler Day!

It’s 4/20, which is Hitler’s birthday, the anniversary of the Columbine shootings, and the Oklahoma city bombing. No better memorial could be given to these acts than to make sure that this kind of crap doesn’t happen again.

If you run an art school, check your applicants to see if they have blogs with disturbing politics on them. And let them in if they do. Their art will be interesting, and at least they won’t be killing people.

If you run the sort of place that sells ammonium nitrate fertilizer, get to know your customers. If a first-time buyer doesn’t have a farm and is buying a lot of fertilizer, there might be a serious problem.

If your head of state is calling for the extermination of the Jews, please assassinate him.

If your kids are going to a public school, pull them out. The vast majority of kids survive it with only a modicum of emotional scarring. However, even though the chance that they’ll be driven to a homicidal frenzy is very small, it’s not a chance you should take.

And of course, many of these outrages can happen on short notice, which is part of why massive civilian gun ownership is so important.



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